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About Us

Pro Image Sign Company is a full service sign, print, web and custom apparel company committed to providing the highest quality signage at competitive prices within the time frame you need. We provide an unparalleled level of customer service, working closely with you to complete your project, from idea to completion. We have a diverse client base including retail stores, universities, hospitals, municipalities and more.​

At Pro Image Sign Company we are the premier leader in comprehensive small business marketing. After years of making just signage we began to see a problem small business owners were having. That problem was wasting a tremendous amount of time and money traveling to procure advertising, marketing, promotional and print material for their business. And we all know that when you own a small business time and money are precious commodities. So, we thought why not offer it all in one location?  And that's what we did. At Pro Image Sign Company you can get your new custom signage, graphics for your vehicle, business cards, flyers, custom t-shirts, invoices and a new website all at Pro Image Sign Company. Not only do you save time, you work with the same professionals for all of your products which will insure consistent branding across the board. And if you purchase a tailored package you get a 15% discount as well.

You just can't beat it!

Pro Image Sign Company has it's roots entwined with it's sister company E-Pro Computer which was founded in 2004. After spending a lot of time and money getting signage from other companies we made the decision to purchase the equipment to make the sign and graphics we needed ourselves. It seemed like a natural progression being that modern sign making is really more computer oriented than anything else. So we made the move. We soon found ourselves making sign and decals for friends and the occasional customer. Once the word got out we were quickly overwhelmed with requests for signage and graphics and it was apparent that our new en-devour was born. That was in 2006.


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